Terms Of Use

441Israel (is also called "we" or "us". With "441Israel", the "service" or the "application" offers users with mobile devices the "441Israel" application. that let's "Users" see unknown calls from a social database that was collected by "441Israel". By downloading, activating and using "441Israel" application, you accept these Terms of Use.

1. Functions

441Israel is a social identification caller service, it allows users to see the name and city of unrecognised phone number that are dialling to the user. The database is a user based one, meaning - people who download the application agree to the fact 441Israel collect and stored their contact list so it can be used for Although 441Israel is Mainly based on Users database, it Reserves the right of Using third party database for the purpose of the application.

once a call as been made, 441Israel Reserves the right to send you a notice by mail of the person who called you. If the holder's identity is linked to the service and has available photo, e.g. via Facebook, the name may be presented together with the picture of the caller. On some devices e.g Android based mobiles, there is a log of the unrecognised numbers that called the user's number. In addition, people will be able to add unknown phone number with name and address to the 441Israel database. You can download the App from www.441Israel.com, Android Market.

2. Fees and Right to Use the Application

441Israel is a Web application, meaning it requires data/internet connectivity from the user's mobile device. The data transfer is based on the user's data plan through is carrier. 441Israel is using small size bandwidth to transfer data from the mobile device to 441Israel database and back. It usually uses no more then several Kb on every query. The application may, for certain users or platforms be offered free of charge for a certain amount of time. However, at any time, 441Israel reserves the right to:
  • 1. 441Israel is currently free, but we reserve the right to charge money for this application to continue the service. Users are not obligate to buy 441Israel, but if a user chooses of continuing using 441Israel, the service may no longer work.

  • 2. Change the trial period time users are given before deciding whether they want to buy the application.

  • 3. Change the price for new users of 441Israel at any given time.

  • A purchased license will be valid for an restricted time on the phone and once you buy the license, 441Israel will inform you for how long this license is valid. If the user chooses on changing his or her device for another, he or she will need to buy a new license for that phone as well, in order to use 441Israel on the new device device.

    3. Our Rights and Undertakings

    We will collect the necessary information from your device in order to verify that the user device is registered. We will not use this information to identify you personally, nor will we transfer this information to third parties. However, we reserve the right to use this data for statistics and for user support. Every intrusion attempt against our service will be reported to the police. If we suspect abuse of the application or otherwise use of the application in a way it is not intended for, or otherwise contrary to these Terms of Use, we may disable your account and suspend you from using the service. Our intention is of course to provide you with the best possible application for the intended purposes and we also offer you adequate support via the website. We do not, however, take responsibility for any damages or other problems that directly or indirectly may be caused by using the application. We do not guarantee that the search results will be correct or otherwise that the application will perform on a certain level or be fit for a certain purpose, neither do we guarantee that there will be a result. Under all circumstances shall our total liability in damages be limited to direct losses in an amount corresponding to the fees paid by the user for the application. We reserve the right to automatically update the application at our own discretion. We may also send messages to users based on their registered credentials. These messages will only be prompted in the search results of the application and are only intended for information purposes. 441Israel is not responsible in any way to the name or title that a user identity is shown, however if you do notice inappropriate title or word or Curse you can contact 441Israel and we will take care of the problem as soon as possible.

    4. User Undertakings

    The user agrees not to abuse the application or to connect and use the 441Israel servers from any other applications then those provided by us. The application is not to be used in any illegal activities or in assistance thereof. Information gained from 441Israel may not be used for spamming or for commercial purposes. You may not save/store (or in any other way gather) information for long time use gained from the application or our servers in any way not intended by us. The user may only install this application on his or her own phone. The user further undertakes to respect that title to, and ownership of, the application and all material on the website and the 441Israel database shall be and at all times remain in 441Israel and its licensor and partners. The user undertakes not to modify or reproduce the application or any material on the web site or any portion thereof, except where expressly permitted in writing by us. Except for your right to use the application in accordance with these Terms of Use or after our written consent, you may not rent, sell, lease, distribute or otherwise transfer or make available the application or any part thereof or use it for the benefit of a third party. You may not reverse assemble, reverse compile or reverse engineer the application, or otherwise attempt to discover the application source code. Users who add unrecognised name to 441Israel database, should know that in a case of Libel or Curse they face a legal law suit and take full responsibility for their acts.

    5. Integrity

    You guarantee that the device that is using the application is your device. You also agree to let us know your country position, the unique device number, information about the number you are identifying, your operating system, your operator and the version of the application in use. When activating the application on your device, you will also have the option to provide us with information about your name, address, phone number and contact list, for the exclusive purpose of sharing such information with other 441Israel users, thus contributing in making the service even more accurate and efficient. Should you agree to submit such info, you also consent to the data being stored and automatically processed by us, and may be shared with our partners irrespective of their location for the purpose of providing the service and for marketing, always in accordance with applicable integrity legislation in force from time to time. You will in such case always be entitled to know exactly what information has been registered and have any data changed or removed at your choice. In addition you may provide us with your user information regarding third party services, e.g. to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, necessary for the application to interoperate with such third party services. In that case you agree that we store, process and transfer also that information within the limits outlined above and we undertake not use or transfer the information for any other purpose, or to any other third party, than required in order to obtain functionality in such third party services.

    6. Changed Terms of Use

    We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time by providing revised Terms to the user or by publishing the revised Terms on the website. The revised Terms shall become effective upon such publishing or provision to the user. You will always find the latest version of these Terms of Use at www.441Israel.com.

    7. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Protected Published Content

    Your use of 441Israel and its various functionalities and the ensuing relationship between you and 441Israel are governed by these Terms of Use, which shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of British Virgin Islands. All disputes relating to these Terms of Use shall be adjudicated in Israel, with the District Court of Tel Aviv as the court of first instance.